Sunday, February 19, 2012

Here it is,Part Three:Being Tough and Looking Sexy at the Same Time

O.K. I already know,I was in the middle of a 4 part series and stopped half way through.I deeply apologize for leaving your girl's hanging.Life has been a crazy mess,with school and working 6 to 7 days a week and I just couldn't muster up the energy to take a shower(kidding) let alone find 20mins to write.Sooo here it goes,Part 3 and I promise you won't have to wait another month for Part 4...I wanted to let you all know too in reguards to an article I wrote awhile back about base water,(if you haven't read it,I urge you to do so) there will be a one hour special on msnb this Friday titled "Semper Fi:Always Faithful" at 10pm western time and the gentleman featured in the links I posted on "Would You Tap That?" will be interviewed.So please set your dvr for that special and read my article first to get you up to speed on what they will be talking about Friday Night.

Here it is,Part Three:Being Tough and Looking Sexy at the Same Time
Ahh this life,it's a miracle if you can get out of bed on time and find an outfit that somewhat matches and throw on a little mascara,thats if you even have any and fingers crossed it's not expired.So how do we do it?,how do we make it all work and look great at the sametime? Your lookin at it,that's what a military wife does,we pull it all together and make it look good,and easy.Now don't get me wrong,there are some of us who don't give a ship and wear nothing but p.j's or our husbands green pt sweats allllll day,listen up ladies those are for your husband,not you..The worse thing we can do for ourselves is attach ourselves to our husbands clothes like a bad cold,wearing his shirt once in awhile to bed is ok,or if he's deployed it is definetly ok,but anything beyond that is just not necessary and shouldn't be an option.There are 2 types of a military wife.Type 1:She has her act together,knows what she wants in life and makes it happen for herself,Type 2:She follows her husband around everywhere,lost her self confidence and doesn't live her life.Which are you and which do you want to be? Duh,we all say Type 1. Don't stress it takes time,we live a pretty crazy life,we keep our armed forces going,getting them up in the morning,we make them breakfast and pack their lunch all with a smile and in a pair of heels of course;) Ok maybe heels is a little too much but you get my point.Don't succumb yourself to the same ol' same ol' routine,if you have a man who has to get up with the rooster,then get up with him(yes I said get up with him,I know that's early but you can do it) and go excercise your little heart out,you will feel great about yourself I promise the 5am wakeup call will be worth it after you've finished.If you have a night shift man for the time being,then that's a perfect oppurtunity for you because you can excercise in the morning or at night and not have to worry about eating the extra calories with him if he was home;)We all do it,it's ok.The point I'm trying to make is,look at us,we are the ambassadors for strength and courage and dignity and all we do is run around like a bunch of mtv girl's,(who has seen the movie "The Fighter"?watch and you'll know what I'm talking about)no class and a whole lotta shame.What happened to us? Don't say you hate military wives if you act just like a stereotypical one.We have become a stereotype and not a good one.Let the girl's who work in stripclubs as a "cocktail waitress" do their thing,but don't make that your thing.Make that a thing that's beneath you,cause I'm not so sure how all this behavior turned into something cute but it's gotta stop.And most importantly,educate yourself momma,don't let your dreams go down the drain just because of the position you are in.Make it happen for yourself,with a smile and in a pair of heels of course;)p.s.stay tough while doing it.

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