Sunday, January 15, 2012

"As the Song Goes,"Don't Worry,Be Happy"

Part Two: Choosing to Being Happy
Whether you're new to this life or a seasoned vet,we can all agree it's a crazy one.But the key to being succesful at anything in life is to enjoy what you have,not what you don't have.Now don't get me wrong,if you're not happy with your life first look at yourself then go from there on making your life the life you want for yourself,otherwise be happy and grateful with the blessings you do have.Like I was saying last week"Always Wanting More", will only leave you with heartache and frustration,this diar need of constant want for the "Better" of what you already have,when what you already have is exactly what you need,nothing more,nothing less,but a roof over your head(and your kids head,not to mention the same roof your husband puts his saftey on the line for),food in your belly(and your kids belly),clothes on your back(and their's),and the humility to be happy with what you have.Like I also said a couple weeks ago,"This is not your year,This is your time".Get your priorities together,be that amazing wife and amazing multi-tasking mom you know you are.Now his orders are gonna come either way,he will get deployed sooner or later and you will have to move again,but make the best of it.Turn that frown upside down and make those lemons a sweet tasting lemonade,nobody likes a negative nancy(no offense to you ladies named nancy).If I had a dollar for everytime we have moved or tried to figure out this week when and where we're going next,I'd be a millionaire,but that's the kind of exciting and frustrating part about the military life,it's never the same constant thing,you're going to see all these great places as you guys travel over the years,can't get much more exciting than that.Not all military base locations can be the best,but I guarantee you'll be driving distance from seeing things you'd probably never see had you stayed in your hometown your whole life.Us military wives can get in this rut of the mundane day to day,but let out your inner explorer out and go see everything that you can for the short time your there,make a scrapbook of you guys traveling over the years and seeing the world's largest ball of yarn or biggest rocking chair.I promise you it's a hard life,but one you'd never change anything else for.

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  1. i think this is my favorite post so far. i love reading your work please keep it up. you are such an inspiration :)


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