Sunday, January 8, 2012

"Like They Say,It's the Simple Things That Matter"

Do you really believe that or do you just think it's another one of those sayings that somehow got passed down from a far back generation,that we still say today? I really believe it.

For the next four weeks I'll be doing a four part series on what it's like to be in the military life and keeping it simple.How do you keep it simple?How do you make your memories?Do you do family night once a week?

Part One: Always Wanting More
We're always looking for the next best thing.Car,home,phone,(ha,home phone,who even has those anymore right?)clothes,relationships.But we can never be satisfied,only for a moment till we get bored again and open another credit card to do some more damage on all the latest gagdets,or get bored in our relationships and move on.Or get bored with where we just got stationed and can't wait to move on and up already,"maybe next duty station we'll go somewhere less humid,or less cold".Let's face it,our lives as humans,have been constantly evolving since the begining of time.We finally hit our peak of necessities I'd say in my opinion in the 1940's/50's.We as a civilization had everything we needed,homes,one car per household,electricity,2 working spouses(one could stay home if prefered),I think the only thing past needing all that and sliced bread and an ice box is medicine constantly evolving.Having said that,we've just pushed for bigger,better,faster,I want it now attitudes and it's gotten us in a very sticky place.It's not a realistic place to be,it puts us in a position to be pushy.Even though we have a crazy life with our spouses job field,doesn't mean we can't have a simple home life.I don't mean simple "boring",I mean simple as in,having family game night once a week.Maybe going to the park every Sunday afternoon,We do what I think can save any marriage(date night once a week).Doesn't even have to cost anything or maybe craft day with your kids,get them off the t.v. and get 'em outside.Host a neighborhood block party.Now some of you are probably thinking"I wouldn't do a block party,I can't stand or trust my neighbors".And that's the whole reason behind this.We shouldn't be at a point where we can't even have conversation with our neighbors,We don't have to be best friends but we can be cordial and friends for the time we have to live by eachother..which consider yourself lucky because being in the military one of you will get orders sooner than the other.Focus on that this week,taking last's week into consideration too,go for a walk at least 3 times this week.Find a new homemade recipe you've been wanting to try and try it(thriftstores have great old recipe books).Military Life can be and is very stressful,but there's corner's you can cut to make it less stressful and more enjoyable.Especially since you don't know when he might have to leave again,so make the best of it while you're all together.Start a scrapbook this year of all the memories you'll be making as you go along,it wil be alot of fun to look back at it on a rainy day,or a great feeling for your spouse to recieve in a care package.Happy Simplifying!!


  1. i love this. i need ideas on care packages to send to my husband that's currently overseas. could you write about that or do you have any ideas? >>Lindy

  2. LOVE this! great job as always ashley :-)

  3. Hey Lindy:) There's always something you can send,like my husband was really bored when he was deployed and it was hot,so I sent in his care package water guns like kinda big ones and I did it it teams so 3 one color and 3 another color so the guys could have fun and cool off. Another thing you can send(and get your kids in on this one) make cakes or other treats you can out inside mason jars(just google some recipes). Make him a fleece blanket and get some fabric paint and have the kids write their names on one of the bottom corners...:) happy care package assembling:) oh and you can totally decorate the inside of the box crazy with it like his favorite football team or whatever he likes or even a holiday if its valentines day:)


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