Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year?New You.

Well it's here,whether you're ready or not,the new year is here.All your "New Year's Resolution's" have now been officially been put to the test.It's now the first week in the new year,how are you doing holding up to those"resolutions"?Broken a few already?Or maybe since you we're hungover or slept in on New Year's Day,you'll start your "fitness regime", "next week".Cut your self some slack,just be you,a BETTER you.One thing you can do to set yourself up for failure,resolution or not,is to keep making broken promises to yourself.So you wanna be healthier this year,that's great,but don't go spending $200 at trader joe's and then on your lunch break at work snack from the vending machine.Just make it happen for yourself,one step at a time.I got this from a friend of mine and I think soo many of us need to read it.Here's the link All you military wive's,kids or no kids...TAKE TIME FOR YOU THIS YEAR!!! We all know the stresses of this crazy life and as much as we want to think we can handle it all,we NEED to take care of ourselves first.In order to help others(family,friends,kids,work)you have to take care of you first.Get a walking group together with girlfriend(s),or do a book club and then host a party one evening at your house with some wine and snacks and talk about the fabulous book you just read.Do a pedicure once a month,live near the beach?Go early in the morning and just sit,sit for about 20 minutes.Your batteries will all be recharged.Take a walk while you're there.Live inland?Find a great local park or nature trail and do the same.This is not your year ladies,THIS IS YOUR TIME.

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