Saturday, December 31, 2011

Would You Tap That?

Are you getting enough H2O these days?Probably not,75% of America is dehydrated.That's a pretty big number considering our bodies depend on water.But there's soo many choices how do you know what's good and what's not?Or is water just water? I mean all bottled water has to be the same right? Or what about your tap water? Take a closer look.For those of you who are "fortunate" enough to live on base,we all know "not to drink from the sink". But why? Is it only because it tastes bad? Look even closer. I first heard about the water issue a year ago from a lady who tells you her life story while waiting outside for 4 hours during black friday and she was mentioning how unhealthy base water is. She elaborated how it has not only affected her health but her children as well.
I took some of it with a grain of salt and some to heart considering this was the first I have ever heard of this and haven't looked into it. It's been the topic at the "water cooler" about the health affects of base water all over the country and I don't just mean active duty,tihis goes for retired familes as well. I encourage you to look into this for yourself and for your families.We take water for granted so much. It's a simple thing we don't really think about,which we shoud,considering we need it to live. Here is an article posted recently by a well respected organization called the ENVIRONMENTAL WORKING GROUP. Please read this article and after you have read this watch this video  Please share this with your friends and family.You can save someones life.I'd want someone to tell me if I was drinking chemical trichloroethylene, a solvent used to remove grease from metal.
Remember October is Breast Cancer Awarness Month,even though it should be a monthly ritual for us girl's by now.Ending on this note,don't assume that because you buy your food from a brand you love or that all water is good to go that you're in the clear.Your health lies in your hands.Help these victim's spread the word and prevent this from happening to you.Without them being bold and speaking out about this tragedy,would we ever know?

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