Saturday, December 31, 2011

T.V. or Not to Be?

As if there isn't enough "reality" television to dvr each week or enough "housewives" to follow and try and keep up with who hates who,we have our own to look forward to.That's right,casting calls are already underway for "Military Wives of San Diego".Now before you get too excited,let me warn you,the Navy has already announced that they are not supporting this and I believe it won't be long before the rest of the branches say the same thing.Quite abit of controversy is surrounding this "Hot Topic".Some(very few) think it's a great idea,while others(vast majority) disagree.I couldn't agree more with the Navy's response.Military doesn't get enough love as it is and I really don't think it's necessary or right to portray us military spouses in a drama filled light or our kids for that matter.
Before you think I'm jumping the gun and this might be a good thing,check it out for yourself on FB at "Military Spouse Magazine"  FB page and the Casting Director's page "Doron Ofir Casting"  from there you can see for yourself all the questions asked on the application needed to be filled out for the show.I read the application and based on the question's this will not be any "Billy Ray Cyrus Coming Home Family Night".The people casting for this show are the same people who brought us,"Jersey Shore","Millionaire Matchmaker" and "My Strange Addiction".Not anything I'd be proud to be apart of.Don't get all sucked into the hype ladies,if our country REALLY  wants to understand their troops and their families in a closer way,then there are plenty of Vets who would love a good home cooked meal,or Wounded Warriors who could use help around the house.
On another note,"Loose Lips,Sink Ships"I'd really hate for someone to jeopardize mass amounts of people's safety for the sake of being filmed each week.This is not what being a Military Spouse is about,we didn't sign up for this life for the pat's on the back or acceptance from others and neither did our husband's.I encourage you to read the article so wonderfully done on Military Spouse Magazine and heres the link for you, This one's not gonna be good girl's,ten bucks says we've got ALOT of cat fights to watch in our future with this one.Hopefully the plug will be pulled before the switch is even turned on.

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