Saturday, December 31, 2011

Hello my fellow military wives...

Hello Fellow Military Wives:)
I say "Fellow" because we all share a unity.There is no rank,no seniority,no pay grade or branch here.We all share that common sisterhood of this crazy but rewarding and always proud to stand by our men pride.So much has changed in the military,even in the short and fast 5 years we have been apart of it.Camaraderie has changed the most I believe and not only from what I've seen but also from what I've been hearing alot from you military wives yourselves across the countryI have spoken to women all the way from California's Camp Pendlenton and Miramar,Virgina's,Quantico,North Carolina's Camp Lejuene and MCAS New River,the list goes on.
Between everyone,the men who work together,the wives who used to gather in past time when our husbands would be at work,and as married couples,"hanging out" has turned into,either a drunk fest or a gossip fest.And if you don't take part in either of those,well you're s.o.l. So many of us are feeling frustrated and not knowing where to turn or what to do with all the frustration so we just throw our hands up and try to wash 'em clean of all of it...but we really can't.... because 9 times out of 10,your spouse will be deployed...again,or gone for some kind of training...again.
We are all in this for the long haul.And those who aren't,do your best to make our Armed Forces proud of having you support the homefront.For those men who are "lifer's",we will cross paths again someday,we will see eachothers kids over the years,so we can't really wipe our "hands clean of it all" So what do we do? We change things,Get the Military back to it's original roots,back when women would get together and have baking parties,when their men were gone,they didn't complain,they "womaned up" and did what was needed to be done.
Now some of you might say"yeah thats easy to say that was like 40 years ago"And yes it's easy to say,but it's also easy to do to...All it takes is extending your hand,being that good neighbor,being that good friend,being there when a newly wed couple just entered this military life and don't know what it's really like.All it takes is that simple and oh so humbling step.I know for some of us who have been battered and bruised in this lifestyle don't really feel the need to want to extend their hand because maybe they have done it before and the people you're feeding are biting the hand that fed them.But like I said,for us who are in this for the long haul,who want a change and are willing to not only do what it takes but also participate,we can make this military life everything it is supposed to be.
We are the backbone of some of the elite fighting forces in the world and we treat eachother with no respect or dignity.We act like animals towards eachother with annimocity and degrating one another.We dress with no self respect. It's time to wake up girls!! This is who we are!! We support everything in this amazing country that our men so selflessly defend.Let's act like the proper self dignified women we are meant to be.

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