Saturday, December 31, 2011

Would You Tap That?

Are you getting enough H2O these days?Probably not,75% of America is dehydrated.That's a pretty big number considering our bodies depend on water.But there's soo many choices how do you know what's good and what's not?Or is water just water? I mean all bottled water has to be the same right? Or what about your tap water? Take a closer look.For those of you who are "fortunate" enough to live on base,we all know "not to drink from the sink". But why? Is it only because it tastes bad? Look even closer. I first heard about the water issue a year ago from a lady who tells you her life story while waiting outside for 4 hours during black friday and she was mentioning how unhealthy base water is. She elaborated how it has not only affected her health but her children as well.
I took some of it with a grain of salt and some to heart considering this was the first I have ever heard of this and haven't looked into it. It's been the topic at the "water cooler" about the health affects of base water all over the country and I don't just mean active duty,tihis goes for retired familes as well. I encourage you to look into this for yourself and for your families.We take water for granted so much. It's a simple thing we don't really think about,which we shoud,considering we need it to live. Here is an article posted recently by a well respected organization called the ENVIRONMENTAL WORKING GROUP. Please read this article and after you have read this watch this video  Please share this with your friends and family.You can save someones life.I'd want someone to tell me if I was drinking chemical trichloroethylene, a solvent used to remove grease from metal.
Remember October is Breast Cancer Awarness Month,even though it should be a monthly ritual for us girl's by now.Ending on this note,don't assume that because you buy your food from a brand you love or that all water is good to go that you're in the clear.Your health lies in your hands.Help these victim's spread the word and prevent this from happening to you.Without them being bold and speaking out about this tragedy,would we ever know?

T.V. or Not to Be?

As if there isn't enough "reality" television to dvr each week or enough "housewives" to follow and try and keep up with who hates who,we have our own to look forward to.That's right,casting calls are already underway for "Military Wives of San Diego".Now before you get too excited,let me warn you,the Navy has already announced that they are not supporting this and I believe it won't be long before the rest of the branches say the same thing.Quite abit of controversy is surrounding this "Hot Topic".Some(very few) think it's a great idea,while others(vast majority) disagree.I couldn't agree more with the Navy's response.Military doesn't get enough love as it is and I really don't think it's necessary or right to portray us military spouses in a drama filled light or our kids for that matter.
Before you think I'm jumping the gun and this might be a good thing,check it out for yourself on FB at "Military Spouse Magazine"  FB page and the Casting Director's page "Doron Ofir Casting"  from there you can see for yourself all the questions asked on the application needed to be filled out for the show.I read the application and based on the question's this will not be any "Billy Ray Cyrus Coming Home Family Night".The people casting for this show are the same people who brought us,"Jersey Shore","Millionaire Matchmaker" and "My Strange Addiction".Not anything I'd be proud to be apart of.Don't get all sucked into the hype ladies,if our country REALLY  wants to understand their troops and their families in a closer way,then there are plenty of Vets who would love a good home cooked meal,or Wounded Warriors who could use help around the house.
On another note,"Loose Lips,Sink Ships"I'd really hate for someone to jeopardize mass amounts of people's safety for the sake of being filmed each week.This is not what being a Military Spouse is about,we didn't sign up for this life for the pat's on the back or acceptance from others and neither did our husband's.I encourage you to read the article so wonderfully done on Military Spouse Magazine and heres the link for you, This one's not gonna be good girl's,ten bucks says we've got ALOT of cat fights to watch in our future with this one.Hopefully the plug will be pulled before the switch is even turned on.

Ways you got through Deployment(s)

Ok,this is the week.The week we all discuss Deployments,Everything from how to cope,What to do to keep you going,The kids,The house,Getting the oil changed..(maybe you will figure out to use the right oil this time and had a chance to ask your husband which oil to use instead of hoping the guy down the street at the local jiffy lube is telling you the right thing this time and doesnt screw you over...again).
So here it goes,let's tackle one of if not the MOST challenging things we have to endure,Deployments.We all kinda new what we were getting ourselves into when we wed into this life,but we didn't know how it all would exactly pertain to us individualy.Some of us have been apart of this life for years and have yet to get a "Deployment Scar" under our belts,while others are complete veteran's.Either way they're not fun,whether it's yourself going through one or trying as much as you can to be there for a friend or"Battle Buddy" to get through it,they suck.But none the less,they happen so....hang tight and make the best of it sweetheart.Make however long this deployment is,your "Eat,Pray,Love"moment.Challenge yourself on new things in new ways,step outside of your comfort zone.
Did you always want to learn how to bake,properly and not from the box;)Then sign up for a baking class.Maybe teaching or volunteering is your thing,then go for it honey.I know how alone and frustrating a deployment can be.It helps when I would do something for myself and I could tell my husband about it the next time I got to talk to him,instead of the usual"This sucks your gone"routine.Don't get me wrong it sucks,but they need to know that you're ok too.We think "OMGSH He Called He's Still Alive" and yet He Hear's from us "I'm Miserable and I Can't even Function"Go out there,take day trips with your kids if you have 'em.Open yourself up to people at a local soup kitchen when you volunteer on Saturday's.If you have a support group,great whether it's friends,family,whoever..If you don't,then this is God telling you that you're strong enough and you can prove to yourself that you can make it:)
So Ladies I ask from you this week to chime in on ways you'v delt with deployments and leave some loving,handy advice for our military sister's who are going through the same thing right now and need some seasoned thoughts from our veteran's:)

It's Ball Season!!!!

Ok Girls!!!!!
It's that time of year again...not the pumpkin picking and the leaves changing,I mean it's Ball Season!!We're all stressing about what to wear,or for some of us we bought our dress 4 months ago.And we all go through the same process,"Do I do my own hair or go get it done?Even thought last year I wasted all that money and it wasn't even close to how I wanted it."Fake nails painted or french?"Hooker heels or something Classier?(you can never go wrong with going classy).On that note,let's talk a little bit about the women's ball attire,I already know what you're thinking...More like prom or a night club feel right?Right,Soo....How can we make it more,how do the french say?Sophisticated?By dressing no less than the evening we are representing.
Some how down the road the United States Military Ball has lost it's umph and dignity...I'm gonna blame it on the new millenium...I think once the year 2000 hit,Spring Break Cabo San Lucas Attire became appropriate for any event,minus a wedding or a funeral and no thanks to "Jersey Shore" as much as the show is entertaining,I wouldn't want to be compared to snooki at my husband's ball,with my"cooka barely covered because my dress is either too short,too tight,or both"...Like i was saying in my last article...This is what we represent,like it or not,the one you love has a high profile job,just like an athlete or someone in politics..Wearing p.j.'s allll day or to Wal-Mart doesn't cut it anymore.
Do youself a favor,get dressed for the day,throw on a little mascara.It will work wonders on your self confidence.Back on topic,have any of you really listened to what the gentlemen talk about at the ball?Or is everyone soo focused on getting drunk?Listen I totally get how stressful this life can be,I'm right there with you sister,and I get how we get stuck in this rut and just wanna let loose and have fun,which we can AFTER the ball.DURING,put on your best suade shoes and walk that cat walk honey.Like Grace Kelly of course;)Happy Ball Season Ladies!!!!

Hello my fellow military wives...

Hello Fellow Military Wives:)
I say "Fellow" because we all share a unity.There is no rank,no seniority,no pay grade or branch here.We all share that common sisterhood of this crazy but rewarding and always proud to stand by our men pride.So much has changed in the military,even in the short and fast 5 years we have been apart of it.Camaraderie has changed the most I believe and not only from what I've seen but also from what I've been hearing alot from you military wives yourselves across the countryI have spoken to women all the way from California's Camp Pendlenton and Miramar,Virgina's,Quantico,North Carolina's Camp Lejuene and MCAS New River,the list goes on.
Between everyone,the men who work together,the wives who used to gather in past time when our husbands would be at work,and as married couples,"hanging out" has turned into,either a drunk fest or a gossip fest.And if you don't take part in either of those,well you're s.o.l. So many of us are feeling frustrated and not knowing where to turn or what to do with all the frustration so we just throw our hands up and try to wash 'em clean of all of it...but we really can't.... because 9 times out of 10,your spouse will be deployed...again,or gone for some kind of training...again.
We are all in this for the long haul.And those who aren't,do your best to make our Armed Forces proud of having you support the homefront.For those men who are "lifer's",we will cross paths again someday,we will see eachothers kids over the years,so we can't really wipe our "hands clean of it all" So what do we do? We change things,Get the Military back to it's original roots,back when women would get together and have baking parties,when their men were gone,they didn't complain,they "womaned up" and did what was needed to be done.
Now some of you might say"yeah thats easy to say that was like 40 years ago"And yes it's easy to say,but it's also easy to do to...All it takes is extending your hand,being that good neighbor,being that good friend,being there when a newly wed couple just entered this military life and don't know what it's really like.All it takes is that simple and oh so humbling step.I know for some of us who have been battered and bruised in this lifestyle don't really feel the need to want to extend their hand because maybe they have done it before and the people you're feeding are biting the hand that fed them.But like I said,for us who are in this for the long haul,who want a change and are willing to not only do what it takes but also participate,we can make this military life everything it is supposed to be.
We are the backbone of some of the elite fighting forces in the world and we treat eachother with no respect or dignity.We act like animals towards eachother with annimocity and degrating one another.We dress with no self respect. It's time to wake up girls!! This is who we are!! We support everything in this amazing country that our men so selflessly defend.Let's act like the proper self dignified women we are meant to be.
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