Sunday, February 19, 2012

Here it is,Part Three:Being Tough and Looking Sexy at the Same Time

O.K. I already know,I was in the middle of a 4 part series and stopped half way through.I deeply apologize for leaving your girl's hanging.Life has been a crazy mess,with school and working 6 to 7 days a week and I just couldn't muster up the energy to take a shower(kidding) let alone find 20mins to write.Sooo here it goes,Part 3 and I promise you won't have to wait another month for Part 4...I wanted to let you all know too in reguards to an article I wrote awhile back about base water,(if you haven't read it,I urge you to do so) there will be a one hour special on msnb this Friday titled "Semper Fi:Always Faithful" at 10pm western time and the gentleman featured in the links I posted on "Would You Tap That?" will be interviewed.So please set your dvr for that special and read my article first to get you up to speed on what they will be talking about Friday Night.

Here it is,Part Three:Being Tough and Looking Sexy at the Same Time
Ahh this life,it's a miracle if you can get out of bed on time and find an outfit that somewhat matches and throw on a little mascara,thats if you even have any and fingers crossed it's not expired.So how do we do it?,how do we make it all work and look great at the sametime? Your lookin at it,that's what a military wife does,we pull it all together and make it look good,and easy.Now don't get me wrong,there are some of us who don't give a ship and wear nothing but p.j's or our husbands green pt sweats allllll day,listen up ladies those are for your husband,not you..The worse thing we can do for ourselves is attach ourselves to our husbands clothes like a bad cold,wearing his shirt once in awhile to bed is ok,or if he's deployed it is definetly ok,but anything beyond that is just not necessary and shouldn't be an option.There are 2 types of a military wife.Type 1:She has her act together,knows what she wants in life and makes it happen for herself,Type 2:She follows her husband around everywhere,lost her self confidence and doesn't live her life.Which are you and which do you want to be? Duh,we all say Type 1. Don't stress it takes time,we live a pretty crazy life,we keep our armed forces going,getting them up in the morning,we make them breakfast and pack their lunch all with a smile and in a pair of heels of course;) Ok maybe heels is a little too much but you get my point.Don't succumb yourself to the same ol' same ol' routine,if you have a man who has to get up with the rooster,then get up with him(yes I said get up with him,I know that's early but you can do it) and go excercise your little heart out,you will feel great about yourself I promise the 5am wakeup call will be worth it after you've finished.If you have a night shift man for the time being,then that's a perfect oppurtunity for you because you can excercise in the morning or at night and not have to worry about eating the extra calories with him if he was home;)We all do it,it's ok.The point I'm trying to make is,look at us,we are the ambassadors for strength and courage and dignity and all we do is run around like a bunch of mtv girl's,(who has seen the movie "The Fighter"?watch and you'll know what I'm talking about)no class and a whole lotta shame.What happened to us? Don't say you hate military wives if you act just like a stereotypical one.We have become a stereotype and not a good one.Let the girl's who work in stripclubs as a "cocktail waitress" do their thing,but don't make that your thing.Make that a thing that's beneath you,cause I'm not so sure how all this behavior turned into something cute but it's gotta stop.And most importantly,educate yourself momma,don't let your dreams go down the drain just because of the position you are in.Make it happen for yourself,with a smile and in a pair of heels of course;)p.s.stay tough while doing it.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

"As the Song Goes,"Don't Worry,Be Happy"

Part Two: Choosing to Being Happy
Whether you're new to this life or a seasoned vet,we can all agree it's a crazy one.But the key to being succesful at anything in life is to enjoy what you have,not what you don't have.Now don't get me wrong,if you're not happy with your life first look at yourself then go from there on making your life the life you want for yourself,otherwise be happy and grateful with the blessings you do have.Like I was saying last week"Always Wanting More", will only leave you with heartache and frustration,this diar need of constant want for the "Better" of what you already have,when what you already have is exactly what you need,nothing more,nothing less,but a roof over your head(and your kids head,not to mention the same roof your husband puts his saftey on the line for),food in your belly(and your kids belly),clothes on your back(and their's),and the humility to be happy with what you have.Like I also said a couple weeks ago,"This is not your year,This is your time".Get your priorities together,be that amazing wife and amazing multi-tasking mom you know you are.Now his orders are gonna come either way,he will get deployed sooner or later and you will have to move again,but make the best of it.Turn that frown upside down and make those lemons a sweet tasting lemonade,nobody likes a negative nancy(no offense to you ladies named nancy).If I had a dollar for everytime we have moved or tried to figure out this week when and where we're going next,I'd be a millionaire,but that's the kind of exciting and frustrating part about the military life,it's never the same constant thing,you're going to see all these great places as you guys travel over the years,can't get much more exciting than that.Not all military base locations can be the best,but I guarantee you'll be driving distance from seeing things you'd probably never see had you stayed in your hometown your whole life.Us military wives can get in this rut of the mundane day to day,but let out your inner explorer out and go see everything that you can for the short time your there,make a scrapbook of you guys traveling over the years and seeing the world's largest ball of yarn or biggest rocking chair.I promise you it's a hard life,but one you'd never change anything else for.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Contest Time!

Contest time!

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

"Like They Say,It's the Simple Things That Matter"

Do you really believe that or do you just think it's another one of those sayings that somehow got passed down from a far back generation,that we still say today? I really believe it.

For the next four weeks I'll be doing a four part series on what it's like to be in the military life and keeping it simple.How do you keep it simple?How do you make your memories?Do you do family night once a week?

Part One: Always Wanting More
We're always looking for the next best thing.Car,home,phone,(ha,home phone,who even has those anymore right?)clothes,relationships.But we can never be satisfied,only for a moment till we get bored again and open another credit card to do some more damage on all the latest gagdets,or get bored in our relationships and move on.Or get bored with where we just got stationed and can't wait to move on and up already,"maybe next duty station we'll go somewhere less humid,or less cold".Let's face it,our lives as humans,have been constantly evolving since the begining of time.We finally hit our peak of necessities I'd say in my opinion in the 1940's/50's.We as a civilization had everything we needed,homes,one car per household,electricity,2 working spouses(one could stay home if prefered),I think the only thing past needing all that and sliced bread and an ice box is medicine constantly evolving.Having said that,we've just pushed for bigger,better,faster,I want it now attitudes and it's gotten us in a very sticky place.It's not a realistic place to be,it puts us in a position to be pushy.Even though we have a crazy life with our spouses job field,doesn't mean we can't have a simple home life.I don't mean simple "boring",I mean simple as in,having family game night once a week.Maybe going to the park every Sunday afternoon,We do what I think can save any marriage(date night once a week).Doesn't even have to cost anything or maybe craft day with your kids,get them off the t.v. and get 'em outside.Host a neighborhood block party.Now some of you are probably thinking"I wouldn't do a block party,I can't stand or trust my neighbors".And that's the whole reason behind this.We shouldn't be at a point where we can't even have conversation with our neighbors,We don't have to be best friends but we can be cordial and friends for the time we have to live by eachother..which consider yourself lucky because being in the military one of you will get orders sooner than the other.Focus on that this week,taking last's week into consideration too,go for a walk at least 3 times this week.Find a new homemade recipe you've been wanting to try and try it(thriftstores have great old recipe books).Military Life can be and is very stressful,but there's corner's you can cut to make it less stressful and more enjoyable.Especially since you don't know when he might have to leave again,so make the best of it while you're all together.Start a scrapbook this year of all the memories you'll be making as you go along,it wil be alot of fun to look back at it on a rainy day,or a great feeling for your spouse to recieve in a care package.Happy Simplifying!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year?New You.

Well it's here,whether you're ready or not,the new year is here.All your "New Year's Resolution's" have now been officially been put to the test.It's now the first week in the new year,how are you doing holding up to those"resolutions"?Broken a few already?Or maybe since you we're hungover or slept in on New Year's Day,you'll start your "fitness regime", "next week".Cut your self some slack,just be you,a BETTER you.One thing you can do to set yourself up for failure,resolution or not,is to keep making broken promises to yourself.So you wanna be healthier this year,that's great,but don't go spending $200 at trader joe's and then on your lunch break at work snack from the vending machine.Just make it happen for yourself,one step at a time.I got this from a friend of mine and I think soo many of us need to read it.Here's the link All you military wive's,kids or no kids...TAKE TIME FOR YOU THIS YEAR!!! We all know the stresses of this crazy life and as much as we want to think we can handle it all,we NEED to take care of ourselves first.In order to help others(family,friends,kids,work)you have to take care of you first.Get a walking group together with girlfriend(s),or do a book club and then host a party one evening at your house with some wine and snacks and talk about the fabulous book you just read.Do a pedicure once a month,live near the beach?Go early in the morning and just sit,sit for about 20 minutes.Your batteries will all be recharged.Take a walk while you're there.Live inland?Find a great local park or nature trail and do the same.This is not your year ladies,THIS IS YOUR TIME.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Would You Tap That?

Are you getting enough H2O these days?Probably not,75% of America is dehydrated.That's a pretty big number considering our bodies depend on water.But there's soo many choices how do you know what's good and what's not?Or is water just water? I mean all bottled water has to be the same right? Or what about your tap water? Take a closer look.For those of you who are "fortunate" enough to live on base,we all know "not to drink from the sink". But why? Is it only because it tastes bad? Look even closer. I first heard about the water issue a year ago from a lady who tells you her life story while waiting outside for 4 hours during black friday and she was mentioning how unhealthy base water is. She elaborated how it has not only affected her health but her children as well.
I took some of it with a grain of salt and some to heart considering this was the first I have ever heard of this and haven't looked into it. It's been the topic at the "water cooler" about the health affects of base water all over the country and I don't just mean active duty,tihis goes for retired familes as well. I encourage you to look into this for yourself and for your families.We take water for granted so much. It's a simple thing we don't really think about,which we shoud,considering we need it to live. Here is an article posted recently by a well respected organization called the ENVIRONMENTAL WORKING GROUP. Please read this article and after you have read this watch this video  Please share this with your friends and family.You can save someones life.I'd want someone to tell me if I was drinking chemical trichloroethylene, a solvent used to remove grease from metal.
Remember October is Breast Cancer Awarness Month,even though it should be a monthly ritual for us girl's by now.Ending on this note,don't assume that because you buy your food from a brand you love or that all water is good to go that you're in the clear.Your health lies in your hands.Help these victim's spread the word and prevent this from happening to you.Without them being bold and speaking out about this tragedy,would we ever know?

T.V. or Not to Be?

As if there isn't enough "reality" television to dvr each week or enough "housewives" to follow and try and keep up with who hates who,we have our own to look forward to.That's right,casting calls are already underway for "Military Wives of San Diego".Now before you get too excited,let me warn you,the Navy has already announced that they are not supporting this and I believe it won't be long before the rest of the branches say the same thing.Quite abit of controversy is surrounding this "Hot Topic".Some(very few) think it's a great idea,while others(vast majority) disagree.I couldn't agree more with the Navy's response.Military doesn't get enough love as it is and I really don't think it's necessary or right to portray us military spouses in a drama filled light or our kids for that matter.
Before you think I'm jumping the gun and this might be a good thing,check it out for yourself on FB at "Military Spouse Magazine"  FB page and the Casting Director's page "Doron Ofir Casting"  from there you can see for yourself all the questions asked on the application needed to be filled out for the show.I read the application and based on the question's this will not be any "Billy Ray Cyrus Coming Home Family Night".The people casting for this show are the same people who brought us,"Jersey Shore","Millionaire Matchmaker" and "My Strange Addiction".Not anything I'd be proud to be apart of.Don't get all sucked into the hype ladies,if our country REALLY  wants to understand their troops and their families in a closer way,then there are plenty of Vets who would love a good home cooked meal,or Wounded Warriors who could use help around the house.
On another note,"Loose Lips,Sink Ships"I'd really hate for someone to jeopardize mass amounts of people's safety for the sake of being filmed each week.This is not what being a Military Spouse is about,we didn't sign up for this life for the pat's on the back or acceptance from others and neither did our husband's.I encourage you to read the article so wonderfully done on Military Spouse Magazine and heres the link for you, This one's not gonna be good girl's,ten bucks says we've got ALOT of cat fights to watch in our future with this one.Hopefully the plug will be pulled before the switch is even turned on.
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