Saturday, December 31, 2011

It's Ball Season!!!!

Ok Girls!!!!!
It's that time of year again...not the pumpkin picking and the leaves changing,I mean it's Ball Season!!We're all stressing about what to wear,or for some of us we bought our dress 4 months ago.And we all go through the same process,"Do I do my own hair or go get it done?Even thought last year I wasted all that money and it wasn't even close to how I wanted it."Fake nails painted or french?"Hooker heels or something Classier?(you can never go wrong with going classy).On that note,let's talk a little bit about the women's ball attire,I already know what you're thinking...More like prom or a night club feel right?Right,Soo....How can we make it more,how do the french say?Sophisticated?By dressing no less than the evening we are representing.
Some how down the road the United States Military Ball has lost it's umph and dignity...I'm gonna blame it on the new millenium...I think once the year 2000 hit,Spring Break Cabo San Lucas Attire became appropriate for any event,minus a wedding or a funeral and no thanks to "Jersey Shore" as much as the show is entertaining,I wouldn't want to be compared to snooki at my husband's ball,with my"cooka barely covered because my dress is either too short,too tight,or both"...Like i was saying in my last article...This is what we represent,like it or not,the one you love has a high profile job,just like an athlete or someone in politics..Wearing p.j.'s allll day or to Wal-Mart doesn't cut it anymore.
Do youself a favor,get dressed for the day,throw on a little mascara.It will work wonders on your self confidence.Back on topic,have any of you really listened to what the gentlemen talk about at the ball?Or is everyone soo focused on getting drunk?Listen I totally get how stressful this life can be,I'm right there with you sister,and I get how we get stuck in this rut and just wanna let loose and have fun,which we can AFTER the ball.DURING,put on your best suade shoes and walk that cat walk honey.Like Grace Kelly of course;)Happy Ball Season Ladies!!!!

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