Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ways you got through Deployment(s)

Ok,this is the week.The week we all discuss Deployments,Everything from how to cope,What to do to keep you going,The kids,The house,Getting the oil changed..(maybe you will figure out to use the right oil this time and had a chance to ask your husband which oil to use instead of hoping the guy down the street at the local jiffy lube is telling you the right thing this time and doesnt screw you over...again).
So here it goes,let's tackle one of if not the MOST challenging things we have to endure,Deployments.We all kinda new what we were getting ourselves into when we wed into this life,but we didn't know how it all would exactly pertain to us individualy.Some of us have been apart of this life for years and have yet to get a "Deployment Scar" under our belts,while others are complete veteran's.Either way they're not fun,whether it's yourself going through one or trying as much as you can to be there for a friend or"Battle Buddy" to get through it,they suck.But none the less,they happen so....hang tight and make the best of it sweetheart.Make however long this deployment is,your "Eat,Pray,Love"moment.Challenge yourself on new things in new ways,step outside of your comfort zone.
Did you always want to learn how to bake,properly and not from the box;)Then sign up for a baking class.Maybe teaching or volunteering is your thing,then go for it honey.I know how alone and frustrating a deployment can be.It helps when I would do something for myself and I could tell my husband about it the next time I got to talk to him,instead of the usual"This sucks your gone"routine.Don't get me wrong it sucks,but they need to know that you're ok too.We think "OMGSH He Called He's Still Alive" and yet He Hear's from us "I'm Miserable and I Can't even Function"Go out there,take day trips with your kids if you have 'em.Open yourself up to people at a local soup kitchen when you volunteer on Saturday's.If you have a support group,great whether it's friends,family,whoever..If you don't,then this is God telling you that you're strong enough and you can prove to yourself that you can make it:)
So Ladies I ask from you this week to chime in on ways you'v delt with deployments and leave some loving,handy advice for our military sister's who are going through the same thing right now and need some seasoned thoughts from our veteran's:)

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  1. I am by no.means an expert but I would keep busy. Especially the first few months. I would plan anything from dinner with girl friends to home improvements. Anything to look forward to and get me throygh a day. Prayer was also a huge help. It helped me get out of bed some days. Ask for help when you need it and woman up when things go wrong. Sometimes saving voicemails to listen to when I was having a rough day or sleeping in his old tshirts was such a huge comfort. Everyone is different so take time for yourself and its ok to cry


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